Native Village of South Naknek
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Tribal Enrollment and ICWA
To apply for Tribal Enrollment, please complete the Tribal Enrollment Application and Family Chart, mail to the address provided on the application.  Required documentation is listed on the application. (Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, CIB (Certificate of Indian Blood). All required documentation must accompany application to be processed.

Please see "Forms" Tab for applications.

To request a name change, address change or to request a new Tribal Enrollment card, please complete the Name/Address  Change - Request for Enrollment Card form located in "Forms" Tab.  

All applications, forms, documentation may be emailed to: Lorianne Zimin, Enrollment Coordinator: or faxed to: 907-631-0949

All ICWA inquires please address Lorianne Zimin, Enrollment & ICWA  Coordinator -

If you are requesting ICWA services, all parties MUST be Tribally Enrolled with South Naknek Village.

Rose Brady , Bureau of Indian Affairs
Realty Services 
3601 C Street, Suite 1258
Anchorage, AK 99503
 Social Services, Education and Training, Burial Assistance
Higher education and training, burial assistance, child care assistance, energy assistance  and food bank services are handled through the Bristol Bay Native Association at:

Bristol Bay Native Association
P.O. Box 310
Dillingham, Alaska 99576 
Phone 907-842-5257 ~ Fax 907-842-5932
Native Allotments and Land in Trust